Free calls to USA, Canada and China

Just dial 0333 232 3223 from any UK phone (landline or mobile)

How it works

With Peppercall, you can use your free minutes to make international calls to the USA, Canada & China.

If you've got UK calls included in your plan, just dial 0333 232 3223.

When prompted, enter the full international number (starting 00).
Don't press "call" again after entering the number—just wait for your call to connect.

That's it—enjoy your free call!

As long as you've got free minutes, your call will be completely free. If you run out of free minutes, your provider will charge you for a normal UK landline call.


As well as free calls:

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  1. Call our access number (0333 232 3223) from any UK phone
  2. Dial your destination number (starting with 001)
  3. That's it—free calls to USA, Canada and China!

Are calls really free?

Yes. Calls to 0333 232 3223 are included in free minutes on your mobile or landine.

Calls won't be free if you don't have any included free minutes to landlines, or if you've run out of minutes—you'll then be charged at your provider's rate for a UK landline call.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We don't charge you. You don't need to register. Just make sure UK landline calls are included in your call plan.

Can I only call USA, Canada and China?

For now, yes. We'll add more countries soon. Use the "contact us" form to register your interest.

Do I need to enter the access number for every call?

Yes, but you can make it quicker with speed-dialing. You can either just save our access number in your phone, or you can edit numbers in your phone book to include our access number.

To save a speed dial:

  1. Select the contact you want to edit
  2. Put the Peppercall number (0333 232 3223) in front of their number
  3. Add a pause (between Peppercall and their number)—exactly how depends on your phone:
    • iPhone: tap +*# (at lower left). The keyboard will show a "pause" button. Press it.
    • Android: tap menu and then "add 2-sec pause", or just press ,
    • Nokia: press * 3 times to show p
    • Siemens/Panasonic: press and hold 0 to show +
    • Sony Ericsson: press and hold * to show p
  4. Enter the person's number, including the full international code (00 plus the code), and finish with #
  5. Save

For example, if your contact's number is 001-800-555-0199, their Peppercall entry in your phone should look like:

iPhone and Android: 03332323223,0018005550199
Other handsets: 03332323223p0018005550199

Are calls good quality?

Yes. Try it!

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